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Rev. Sylvain Mzuza is a senior pastor at FULL GRACE MINISTRIES in Cedar Rapids, IA. Born in Lubumbashi, D.R.C. son of Jonas Lukama and Mrs. Laulinda Tshimalia, He is the forth born in a family of nine children.

Rev. Sylvain has a passion for God and his people. As a young boy, he was called to go and study in Kenya, Nairobi where is he stayed there for 15 years, and went to college where he got his theological degree; before coming back to his country to start a ministry. During the 15 years his was in Kenya Rev. Sylvain was under the ministry of his spiritual father Bishop. Aloysios Alois Rutivi, of NAIROBI GOSPEL ASSEMBLY CHURCH while there Rev. Sylvain develop his gift of preaching in the small groups of people. It was only a matter of time until Rev. Sylvain became the inspiring preacher in the small groups of ministry.

When Rev. Sylvain came back to his hometown he had got married to a beautiful lovely lady; First Lady Mrs. Euphrasie Kona, whom stands by his side to help him raise a new generation of people who will exalt the name of the Jesus our Lord with Humbleness of heart and Excellence of mind; has they worked together in the ministry a few years later there was a church in Lubumbashi, D.R.C. called GOSPEL ASSEMBLY CHURCH; now as we speak the church as about 300 members. As the kept on growing Rev. Sylvain was called to come to the USA to start another ministry, but the ministry did not start until his family joined him after three years of separation; his wife and four children. Rev. Sylvain and his family started praying at home with a few close friends, from God was able to bless them with a place where they can go and worship him; but the place is not theres, it another church where they share. In the future they are praying to get a place of there own.
“True Leadership is an attitude that naturally inspires and motivates others, and it come from an internalized discovery about yourself.”
Dr. Myles Munroe
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